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Property boundaries — Parcel

This dataset combines Brisbane City Council property information with the Queensland Government Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) in Brisbane City Council area.

Land Parcels are the building blocks of Council properties. Land parcels (also called lots) are mapped and the title details shown on a Plan of Subdivision. The parcel is a graphical representation of surveyed boundaries together with identifiers such as Lot/Plan description and house numbers.

The Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) is the spatial representation of every current parcel of land in Queensland, and its legal Lot on Plan description and relevant attributes. It provides the map base for systems dealing with land related information. The DCDB is considered to be the point of truth for the graphical representation of property boundaries. It is not the point of truth for the legal property boundary or related attribute information, this will always be the plan of survey or the related titling information and administrative data sets.

Warning. Downloading this entire dataset in shapefile format exceeds the current 2GB download limit set by ESRI. Information from ESRI has the following suggestions. Consider the following options: Output to a file geodatabase instead of a shapefile or Process the data in sections.

This dataset uses Brisbane City Council's Open Spatial Data website to provide extra features for viewing and downloading the data. The first two resources in this dataset are labelled HTML and they each have a Go to button. Clicking a Go to button will open a web page in a new tab. The Go to button on the first resource will open our Open Spatial Data website that provides many features for viewing, interacting with, and downloading data. The Go to button on the second resource will open the ArcGIS REST Services Directory website and display the spatial metadata for the dataset. Most of our spatial datasets have four more resources. The four resources are labelled: CSV, GeoJSON, SHP, and KML, and all four have a Download button. Clicking the Download button on the CSV resource will download the attribute data in a table. Clicking the Download button on the GeoJSON, SHP or KML resource will download the data in a spatial file.

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