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This feature layer shows Brisbane City Council LGIP future Stormwater infrastructure (map references starting with SW).

This feature layer is shown on the Plans for Trunk Infrastructure - Stormwater network mapping.

This feature layer includes the following categories:

(a) Backflow prevention device;

(b) Pipe - new;

(c) Pipe - relief;

(d) Natural channel lines;

(e) Bioretention swale;

(f) Culvert;

(g) Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID);

(h) Concrete lined channel;

(i) Land acquisition - waterway corridor;

(j) Natural channel areas;

(k) Rehabilitation

For more information about the PFTI - stormwater infrastructure and how it is applied, please refer to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 document.

Additional Information

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Date Published 15/01/2020
Last Updated 18/02/2020
Update Frequency Infrequently
Data Temporal Coverage: 2018-09-14 to 2018-09-14
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© The State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines) 2017 © Brisbane City Council 2018

City Plan 2014 — LGIP — PFTI — Stormwater — Future — Pipe — relief

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