City Plan 2014 — LGIP — PFTI — Stormwater — Future

Brisbane City Plan 2014 is Brisbane City Council's plan for the future development of Brisbane. Brisbane City Plan 2014 is regularly updated with new or amended information. To stay informed about City Plan, including proposed amendments and to receive other Council planning and development updates, you can register your interest. Select the 'Planning and development box'.

This feature layer shows Brisbane City Council LGIP future Stormwater infrastructure (map references starting with SW).

This feature layer is shown on the Plans for Trunk Infrastructure - Stormwater network mapping.

This feature layer includes the following categories:

(a) Backflow prevention device;

(b) Pipe - new;

(c) Pipe - relief;

(d) Natural channel lines;

(e) Bioretention swale;

(f) Culvert;

(g) Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID);

(h) Concrete lined channel;

(i) Land acquisition - waterway corridor;

(j) Natural channel areas;

(k) Rehabilitation

For more information about the PFTI - stormwater infrastructure and how it is applied, please refer to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 document.

This dataset utilises Brisbane City Council's Open Spatial Data website to provide additional features for viewing and downloading the data.

The first resource is in HTML format. The GO TO button will launch our Open Spatial Data website and this will let you preview the data and enable additional download options. The resources labelled GeoJSON, KML and SHP will give you a download of the entire dataset. The ESRI REST resource connects to metadata for the layer while the CSV resource will download attribute data in a table. For more information on the new features and other tips and tricks please read our Blog.

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City Plan 2014 — LGIP — PFTI — Stormwater — Future — ArcGIS Hub Dataset

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City Plan 2014 — LGIP — PFTI — Stormwater — Future

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