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  • Bikeway counts

    Brisbane City Council automated and manual bike and pedestrian, bikeway and cycling monitoring data. Used to capture cycleway patronage and support bikeway planning.
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  • From data.gov.au Wyndham Smart Bin Fill level

    Latest fill level of smart bins installed in Werribee and Point Cook areas. The dataset updated every hour to provide the latest fullness information.
  • From data.gov.au Wyndham Smart Bin Daily Fill level

    The Wyndham City Council installed smart bins in Werribee and Point Cook Areas. This data provides information about daily fill level of these bins.
  • From data.gov.au ASIC - Company Dataset

    Update August 2018 - frequency change to Company dataset From 7 August 2018, the Company dataset will be updated weekly every Tuesday. If you require information about Reserved Names the register can be searched via...
  • From data.gov.au Website Report

    Datasets used for Public Hospital Funding Reports on www.publichospitalfunding.gov.au
  • From data.gov.au Energy Rating Data for household appliances – Non Labelled products

    These datasets contain information about residential, commercial and industrial products that have been registered for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in Australia and New Zealand. Air Conditioners Ballasts Chillers Close...
  • From data.gov.au Ballarat Planning Applications Currently on Advertising

    Planning Applications within the Ballarat City Council currently on Advertising. Link to City of Ballarat eServices to comment on the application. Attributes include Application Number, Application Year, Application Date, Application...
  • From data.gov.au NGSC Roads Current

    Current dataset of road network. September 2019 Polyline data for location of roads registered with council across the Northern Grampians Shire region. Field Descriptions AssetID NGSC Asset ID Name Asset Name Type Asset Type -...
  • From data.gov.au Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) Areas

    RNTBCs (Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate) are corporations which have prescribed functions under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) to hold, protect and manage determined native title and ensure certainty for governments and other...
  • From data.gov.au City of Greater Bendigo : Capital Works

    Capital Works within the City of Greater Bendigo
  • From data.gov.au Register of Native Title Claims

    The Register of Native Title Claims is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 185 of the NTA to hold information on claimant applications that have satisfied the registration requirements set out in ss 190B and 190C of the...
  • From data.gov.au Native Title Determination Outcomes

    An approved determination of native title is made by way of an order of the court pursuant to ss 86, 87 or 87A of the NTA or s 23 of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth). The determination order details whether or not native...
  • From data.gov.au RATSIB Areas

    A "representative Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander body" (RATSIB) is a body recognised by the Commonwealth under s 203AD of the NTA to represent native title holders and persons who may hold native title and to consult with Aboriginal...
  • From data.gov.au Schedule of Native Title Determination Applications

    The Schedule of Native Title Determination Applications is kept by the Native Title Registrar pursuant to s 98A(1) of the NTA and contains information on all applications made under s 61 of the NTA, including claimant, non-claimant,...
  • From data.gov.au Indigenous Land Use Agreements

    An "indigenous land use agreement" (ILUA) is a voluntary, legally binding agreement about the use and management of land or waters, made between one or more native title groups and non-native title interest holders in the ILUA area...
  • From data.gov.au Native Title Determinations

    A "determination of native title" is a decision on whether native title exists in relation to a particular area of land or waters (s 225 of the NTA). Determinations of native title can be made by agreement (consent determination),...
  • From data.gov.au City of Gold Coast Road Closures

    This data set contains details of City of Gold Coast (City) planned road closures, due to local works and events. It is updated daily and, while the information presented here is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, no...
  • From data.gov.au City of Greater Bendigo : Capital Works 2019-2020

    Capital Works within the City of Greater Bendigo for the 2019-2020 budget year
  • From data.gov.au City of Greater Bendigo : Road Closures

    Road closures within the City of Greater Bendigo
  • From data.gov.au Fortnightly Income Support recipients by State and SA2

    A fortnightly report on the number of recipients of Social Services income support payment by type and by State/Territory and ABS Statistical Area Level 2