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RightToGo on Open Data

Wednesday, 18th October

Brisbane City Council is committed to building our local economy by supporting small business and nurturing innovation. The Brisbane City Plan 2014 was released as an open data set in 2016, with the Fountainhead Group one of the first to utilise this accessible data to create and launch the RightToGo mobile app.

Developed as a one-stop-shop for homeowners and residential property developers, RightToGo provides simple answers to complex questions around what can be built or changed on an existing property. The app connects users with architects, engineers, town planners and builders, to help get projects started.

While Brisbane City Plan 2014 is openly available through Council’s website, use of the data digitally through apps like RightToGo require a different data use agreement. In implementing its open data strategy Council selected an open Creative Commons license, which allows data to be shared and adapted as needed for free. Additionally, Peter Kable from the Fountainhead Group was awarded a Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneur grant from Brisbane Marketing to further develop RightToGo.



One of the key challenges faced in the development industry is the ability to confidently understand in preliminary planning stages the applicable Council guidelines, restrictions and assessments that could affect a project. Utilising Brisbane City Plan 2014, Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Public Sector Mapping Agencies (PSMA) geocoded national address file G-NAF open data sources, RightToGo users can quickly and efficiently access property attributes (including flood zoning, land usage restrictions and heritage listing) to immediately assess the potential planning status of a project.

RightToGo allows Brisbane developers to easily identify the potential of a site, engage innovative local suppliers and help guide them towards making their property development dreams a reality.

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