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New Open Spatial Data website

Monday, 20th August

Nurturing innovation is fundamental to a smart, connected Brisbane, helping to build a strong economy with more jobs right across Brisbane. Council’s Open Data website plays a key role in encouraging innovation, while also fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity among government, business and the community. In recognition of the growing importance of spatial data, Brisbane City Council has developed a new Open Spatial Data website. The Open Spatial Data website is linked through Council’s existing Open Data website for seamless access and user experience.

Self-service features ensure users of all levels of spatial expertise and interest can easily navigate the website and access data. These tools and data improvement features include symbology, on-screen record retrieval, spatial projection and spatial extension.

Working collaboratively and with input from users, a number of functionality improvements have been made to ensure a rich user experience. Examples of these include the ability to access data in a multitude of file types, and selective download functionality that allows users to access and download specific data portions, rather than whole data-heavy files. Developers can connect directly to source data via intuitive RESTful APIs, with streamlined backend data updating processes in place.

Some of the datasets available for download include Brisbane City Plan 2014 and Road Restrictions.

Select one of these spatial datasets to explore the functionality available on the new Open Spatial Data website, and make sure you’re registered to receive important updates and news.